• Sat 26th Apr, 2014
  • 9pm
Supports: The Stephen Bowtell Band

  • THE BROKEN NEEDLES are a Melbourne-based independent rock band originally hailing from Townsville, North Queensland. Their debut album, the maniacally rain-drenched, feedback-soaked TERRA NULLIUS was released in 2012, prompting Rolling Stone to declare it a, “Wet-season postcard from Psychoville, N.Q.”…


  • Fri 9th May, 2014
  • 9pm
Supports: Dayrigs

  • Drawing from what they love VOWEL MOVEMENT blend daggy slacker sounds and stuttering upbeat songs with a stage presence best left for an episode of “Extras”. They are a bit like your goofy uncle; awkward jokes at every opportunity spaced…

Amarillo Band

  • Sun 25th May, 2014
  • 5pm

  • Amarillo is the project of Melbourne duo Nick O’Mara and Jac Tonks. Singing songs and playing guitars acoustic and electric, their sound is a blend of pop harmonies, dark tremolo guitar, soaring lap steel and finger style guitar. Nick plays…